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Volan Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PC in XBox One

Volan Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PC in  XBox One

Volan Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PC in XBox One

  • Šifra: Volan Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PC in XBox One
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New York, April 8, 2016 – Thrustmaster’s TMX Force Feedback, officially licensed for Xbox One and designed for Xbox One and Windows, offers players on both platforms a memorable racing experience based on authentic sensations, thanks to a strong force feedback effect and an exceptional price-qualityratio!
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Strong features under the hood:

Equipped with a high-performance force feedback motor offering adjustable intensity and a rotation angle ranging from 270° to 900°, the TMX Force Feedback delivers a realistic and versatile racing experience. The controller’s versatility benefits all players, whether beginners or seasoned pilots, with all types of tracks, cars and races.
Another example of this racing wheel’s versatility is its force feedback motor, designed by Thrustmaster’s development teams to offer performance suited to demanding players, while also remaining accessible to less experienced drivers.  The motor features a mixed belt-pulley and gears system with metal ball-bearing axle. The result is a balanced combination of performance, robustness and precision. With 12-bit resolution – i.e. 4096 values on the wheel’s steering axis – provided by an optical sensor, this racing wheel also offers extreme precision, delivering highly realistic racing sensations. The racing wheel features a robust and adjustable attachment system, compatible with all mounts (desks, tables, cockpits, etc.).

Thanks to Xbox One-certified embedded software, the controller is automatically recognized by the video game console, which also ensures full compatibility with the menus in all racing games supporting racing wheels. And with the Thrustmaster drivers available for free download from  http://ts.thrustmaster.com/, the racing wheel is also compatible with Windows (10, 8, 7 and Vista).






Intense fun at your fingertips:

When it comes to handling, the racing wheel’s 11”/28 cm diameter is suited to all types of racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.). Its rubber-coated wheel grips offer perfect comfort. When it comes to ergonomics, everything has been designed to ensure that the two large, 5”/13 cm tall, 100% metal wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters are within easy reach, just like the 12 action buttons and the directional pad.

Exceptional efficiency at your feet:

The TMX Force Feedback’s features a wide 2-pedal pedal set that delivers efficient acceleration and braking: each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted, and for greater realism, the brake pedal also offers progressive resistance.

Want more?

The TMX Force Feedback is designed to accompany racers through their learning curve in terms of experience: it is compatible with the T3PA* and T3PA-Pro* (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals Add-on) pedal sets and with the Thrustmaster TH8A* shifter.

* Sold separately


• The TMX Force Feedback will be available in May, at the suggested retail price of £169.99 (taxes included).

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