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Thrustmaster Y-250X headset Xbox 360 Slušalke

Thrustmaster Y-250X headset Xbox 360 Slušalke

Thrustmaster Y-250X headset Xbox 360 Slušalke

  • Šifra: Thrustmaster Y-250X headset Xbox 360 Slušalke
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  • 26.00€

Slušalke za Xbox 360 rablejne, kot nove, v original embalaži.


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The newest headset from Thrustmaster compliments the Xbox colours perfectly with the stylish use of green, white and grey splashed over its bulky design. The Y-250X is a lot bigger and bulkier than any of my other headsets but it feels extremely lightweight on your head, with the extensive padding providing a superb amount of comfort while gaming for long periods of time. The design is quite pleasing although apparently I looked like a character from Pokemon whilst wearing these, my friend Paul kindly informed me I just looked like a knob! It’s the earcups, they seem needlessly large, making the headset really wide. Ok so you’re not out to win any fashion awards whilst wearing these but the headset can be used with your mp3 player and you really wouldn’t want to be seen wearing these in the street! The lead that connects them to your mp3 player isn’t that long so may also cause some issues for some, ideally it needed to be around six inches longer to comfortably connect with a device that’s in your pocket.

The best thing about the headset is the control you have over your game sound. The mic functions have the same standard controls as just about any other headset out there and it also allows for your own voice to be heard in the headset. Two extras that are packed into the Y-250X are, additional control over mic gain – meaning you can tweak the volume of your voice so others can hear you clearly and a bass control that increases or decreases the amount of bass that feeds through the headset. For a USB stereo headset to offer this level of control over your mic and game sound, the Thrustmaster certainly has a marked advantage over my stereo Tritton headset – at least on paper!

The main selling point of any headset is sound and these are amazing in this respect. The bass really thuds out, something I like to hear from my games. The mix of treble compliments the bass nicely, giving a rich sound that immerses you into every sound effect coming at you. With the extensive padding they also block off outside noises (like children!) really well. I’ve been a fan of Tritton’s stereo headsets for a while now but these may just sway me into favouring the bulky spaceman look although I couldn’t get the earcups to sit quite right over my ears. They may be comfortable but the headset never felt snug and secure over my ears, I think it’s because they feature circular earcups. I’ve found that the rounded rectangular Tritton earcups are better at covering your ears and providing that additional comfort, with the Thrustmaster, any comfort from the excellent padding and lightweight design is slightly undone by the way the earcups sit.


The biggest negative I have with the Y-250X (apart from how I look whilst wearing them) is that to use them with a HDMI setup you need to purchase an additional Xbox audio cable in order to connect them to the Xbox, I was able to connect them directly into my TV which enabled me to use the mic but not all TVs come equipped to connect a USB and a 3.5mm jack. Initially I found that the mic doesn’t work well, it took me several attempts of unplugging and plugging back in wires before I could hear my friends and they could hear me. The mic was more sensitive when it was plugged into my TV, when using the Xbox audio cable my voice was quiet even with the mic gain cranked all the way to the maximum level. I also had to have the mic right up against my mouth which was too close for comfort. Clarity of voice is great but the mic did tend to pick up breathing because the mic was so close to my mouth, so you heavy breathers best beware – we don’t want to feel like we are having a phone call conversation with a stalker!

If you’d like to look like a spaceman and get blown away by some awesome sounding bass then look no further than the Y-250X. Priced modestly around £40-£60 they are great value for a stereo headset and the control they offer over your sound balance is worth the money alone. It’s a shame they are so bulky looking because they sound superb when used with an iPhone but you wouldn’t want to be seen out with these on! Coming without an Xbox audio cable is quite an annoyance and for me their biggest drawback is the lack of comfort that a circular earcup design offers and the issues I had getting the mic to work efficiently.

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