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Thrustmaster TH8A ADD-ON Shifter, menjalnik za TH Volane

Thrustmaster TH8A ADD-ON Shifter, menjalnik za TH Volane

Thrustmaster TH8A ADD-ON Shifter, menjalnik za TH Volane

  • Šifra: Thrustmaster TH8A
  • Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi
  • 219.99€

Zagotovo skorajda najboljši cenovno dostopen menjalnik za Thrustmaster volane, menjalnik je sekvenčni ali navadni, sekvenčni plus minus pretikanje, navadni 7 stopenjski in vzratna pestava+delovanje na sklopko, menjalnik je tudi nastavljiv po trdoti, 90% material aluminij, ter poliester, odlična pritrditev menjalnika, na različne debeline miz ali sim sedežev itd.


24 mesečna garancija

Primeren za vse različne konzole PS3-PS4-XBOX-ONE in osebne PC računalnike, USB povezava.


- 13 cm tall gear stick with knob 
- Faithful tactile 
- Removable button 
- Compatible with genuine universal gear knobs 
(Cartuning for sale in shops) 
- 2nd shift plates included: H-pattern (7 +1) and sequential (+ / -) 
- 100% metal shaft 
- 100% metal gear 
- 100% metal clip system 
- H.E.A.R.T Hall Effect AccuRate Technology ™ 
   - Accuracy that will never wear out (contactless magnetic sensor) 
   - No Tact switch and no potentiometer (and an unlimited product lifespan) 
- Firmware is to update and internal memory with adjustable gear-shift movements 
(software can be downloaded to a PC) 
- Resistance to change is to adjust 
- Position and angle shift plates 360 may be adjusted 
- Position and angle of 360 ° clamping system can be adjusted 
- Optimized clamping system for each surface 
    - Tables or shelves from 1 to 55 mm thick 
    - Cockpits (built threads + removable clamping system) 
- Unique design (*) enables two different driving styles 
   - H-pattern (7 +1) 
   - Sequential (+ / -) 
- USB and / or DIN connectors 
   - On the PC: compatible with all racing wheels on the market 
   - On the PS3 ™ and PS4 ™: compatible with T500RS Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500, T300 and T300RS Ferrari GTE racing wheels 
  - On the Xbox One: compatible with the TX Racing Wheel 
* Patent pending 
Compatible ** on the PC with all games that support MULTI-USB and gearboxes 
Compatible ** on the PlayStation ® 3 and PlayStation ® with four games in the list http://ts.thrustmaster.com/ 
Compatible ** One on Xbox with games in the list http://ts.thrustmaster.com/



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