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Southpark : The Fractured But Whole Nintendo Switch

Šifra: Southpark : The Fractured But Whole Nintendo Switch
Cena: 59,00€

Southpark : The Fractured But Whole Nintendo Switch

Developer: Ubisoft SF
Outcome: December 6, 2016
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

From the creators of the series Southpark Trey Parker and Matt Stone comes to the successful games Sotuhpark: The Stick Of Truth from 2014 - Southpark: The fractured But the Whole.
Again, we as a New Kid joined Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartmanu new epic RPG full of humor and adventure.
In Southaprk: The fractured But the Whole will be investigated criminal world SouthPark by Coon-om and friends. This group of friends founded by none other than Eric Cartman, whose alter ego is Coon, half man, half a raccoon. As New Kid we joined Mysterion-u Toolshed-u, Human Kite-u Musquito-u Mint Berry Crunch-u and a host of other superheroes and combat against evil forces, while Coon ambition of that this bunch of heroes declared the best superhero in the history of mankind. In addition, however, a little playing around with the title. Read it in English.

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